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About Us

Our Story

Who We Are

Aerospace Harness Manufacturing (AHM) is a wire harness manufacturing company that specializes in the Aviation industry. Cockpit to the cabin, nose to tail, and across the flight experience, Our unique industry knowledge and decades of experience enable us to understand our customers’ needs around the globe. Our experts are skilled to administer custom solutions that are put together to improve aircraft maintenance, availability, and sustainability. We are absolutely focused on passenger security and comfort, optimizing operational efficiency, putting forward the most secure and trustworthy connectivity.

Our harness personnel is trained to manufacture assemblies with varying build types and design standards at our exclusive high and low volume facilities. We even tailor production processes to better suit your needs, arranging the assembly flow for each project to maximize efficiency and consistency and we take a lot of pride in being a full-service cable assembly manufacturer.

Our technicians leverage their extensive industry experience to meet all the wire harnessing and installation needs of each and every customer. Whether you need wire harnessing for individual avionics systems or across the complete aircraft, our engineers, technicians, and support staff will work with you closely to develop a custom solution with FAA quality specifications and OEM accepted standards.

Our Vision

With commitment, quality, and precision as our great assets, we envision our company emerging as one of the most reliable and standardized harness manufacturing players in the Aviation space. We want to be an obvious choice for the customers who need to build the best custom cable assemblies in the world and compete in fiercely competitive markets.

Our Mission

AHM seeks to create and promote the most sustainable cables in the aviation sector across the globe. We strive to manufacture our cables with utmost honesty, integrity, and precision, the same way we want to grow our business. We pledge to preserve our progressive business philosophies and take up distinctive and demanding projects to help incorporate a great culture that nurtures creative thinking and strategic action. Proudly “Make in India, Make for the World”.

The Man Who Made It Possible

Meet Our Staff

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Bill Scandy

Owner & Lead Technician

Jack Moskin

Lead Technician

Nick Globno

Service Technician / Mechanic

Raf Dickens

Customer Service Consultant

Our Story

Why Us

Prior to manufacturing a harness, we regulate a thorough research process in terms of technicalities and certification to provide an efficient design and manufacturing input to your project. We forecast the installation requirements through custom layouts, kitting and 3D mockups, harness jigs, and an in-depth assessment of special equipment requirements. Thereafter, resulting in a performant and cost-effective solution for your avionics needs.

All of our wire harness and cable assembly manufacturing processes incorporate the IPC/WHMA-A-620 quality program to ensure superior quality and optimum performance. We are also ISO compliant. All waste material and scrap is recycled, to help us stay as “green” as possible. Every custom cable assembly we produce is manufactured to the highest levels of quality. We use state-of-the-art production technology and proven processes to ensure superior quality, precision, and lot-to-lot uniformity.

Our Capabilities include: